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Subway Controller is an Urban Train Expansion Pack for Train Controller (Railroad System) for Unity 3D 


  • Train Stations with custom events
  • Animated Doors (Open/Close animations)
  •  Supports Railroad Switching (turnouts)
  • Supports multiple trains at the same railway
  • Modular details for easy customization (doors, windows, glass, benches, bars and control panel)
  • Spline based railroads and physics based trains 
  • Refined speed control
  • Connect wagons with only 1 click
  • Clean UV's (easily customizable textures) 


  • 3 Ready to use subway wagons prefabs (front, middle, end)
  • 1 Ready to use subway prefab
  • Sliding door animations
  • Subway SFX's
  • Subway cart models
  • Subway benches models
  • Subway bars models
  • Subway doors & windows models
  • Subway control panel model
  • Controls models (buttons, switches, levers and mic)
  • PBR Textures 

Includes dependencies from Train Controller (Railroad System) package (wheels, rails and scripts). This pack must be imported after importing Train Controller (Railroad System) package. 


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Train Controller - Subway Controller Expansion Pack 84 MB

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