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Harvest the power of splines to speed up your level design process! 

Use splines for procedural mesh generation, to spawn objects on pre-defined paths or to create moving props on your scene! 

Procedural mesh generation suitable for any type of curved meshes like racing tracks, railroads, powerlines, fences, circular walls, bridges... The limit is only your imagination!
All you need is a single base mesh fragment of the object to extrude along the spline

Take a look on the Included Mesh Fragments section below
More Mesh Segments may be included in the future or sold separately as extensions

It’s really simple to use and customize


  • Spline Mesh Renderer
  • Spline Prefab Spawner
  • Spline Follower
  • Mesh Baker


  • Generate curved meshes
  • Spawn prefabs along an spline path
  • Move objects along an spline path
  • Save generated meshes as prefabs
  • Super Long Meshes Support
  • Follow Terrain IMPROVED!
  • NEW! Quick Access spline building Menu
  • NEW! Perfect circular curves
  • NEW! Vertical Mesh generation support
  • NEW! Automatic Handles
  • NEW! Multiple splines support for Spline Follower
  • And much more! (check release notes for more info)


  • Railroad mesh fragment
  • Powerlines mesh fragment 


  • Light Pole
  • Minecart
  • Simple Spline Editor
  • Spline Mesh Renderer Editor
  • Spline Prefab Spawner


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Spline Mesh Renderer for Unity 3D 34 MB

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